Speed networking 2018

CES&T invites all its members to its Speed Networking event on 6th of March, 2018!

The CES&T embraces several departments of our and other UGent faculties, dedicated to improve scientific cooperation and sharing knowledge with stakeholders, such as industry and policy makers.

In order for this (renewably) oiled machine to function properly, its members need to know each other and what they do better. Therefore, the CES&T organizing committee invites you all to participate in the most entertaining Speed Networking event on 6th of March, 2018!

During this event, you will get to know the different research groups, its people (teaching assistants, PhD’s, postdocs, professors, etc.) and what research they are involved in, in a fast, fun and learning way. This will significantly broaden your network and might result in potential collaborations.

In the wake of the event, a reception will provide time for further networking, tuning and fitting of the CES&T parts, thus optimizing the machine for better functioning.

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Hope to see you there!
The CES&T organizing committee