LED Water technology


LED H2O (Local and Accessible Expertise and Service Centre) is the Expertise and Service Centre for water technology, operating from UGent-Campus Kortrijk, supported by Vlakwa (Flanders Knowledge Centre Water). LED H2O supports SME’s and non-profit organizations with free initial advice and guidance (incl. company visit!) in case of introduction and/or improvement of production, treatment or management of the company’s process or waste water.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary approach of chemical technology, biotechnology, food technology and environmental technology, it is possible to make new sustainable technologies available for water treatment and reuse.

On basis of specific questions of companies and organizations, a range of ‘tailor-made services’ is developed. This may include (free) advice, preliminary lab tests, referral, guidance, training or practical problem solving, to even setting up and supervising MSc or PhD research and projects. If desired, financial support on a Flemish, Belgian or European level is applied for. Through the embedment within the Ghent University, a more extensive area of services is available.

Some examples

  • You want an expert opinion on your water (re)use and savings possibilities

  • Your company is facing an investment (process change, water treatment, …) and would like some independent advice

  • You have problems staying below the imposed discharge limit and you are looking for creative solutions

  • The water treatment in your company does not work optimal and you are looking for a technological solution/improvement

  • Your company is looking for alternative water sources because of shutdown or reduction of the ground water use permit

  • Your event is required to purify its wastewater and you are looking for guidance


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